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Sustainability Context - A Reference Model

A conceptual reference model for sustainability context, including both a basic definition and a more formal one.

Sustainability Context - A Quick Definition

A brief definition and explanation of sustainability context that can be used in sustainability management.

Sustainability Quotients and the Social Footprint

This paper was published in the journal, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, in 2007.  It was the first appearance of the Social Footprint concept in a peer-reviewed journal.

The Social Footprint: Proof of Concept

An introduction to the Social Footprint method. This presentation explains the theory and practice behind the method, and also includes an illustration of its use based on analysis of one company’s contributions towards achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Corporate Sustainability Management - A Reference Model

A reference model that can be used as a basis for operationalizing Sustainability Management in an organization.

Corporate Water Gauge™ - FAQs

This is a short Q&A piece that provides answers to questions commonly asked about the Corporate Water Gauge (tm), as well as examples of outputs produced from the GIS tool that it uses.


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